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Motorclimate UK is the Sole UK Distributor of the Viper range of products. Viper is a division of Century Mfg Co.
Century Mfg Co. has a long tradition of designing and building some of the finest workshop service equipment. Since 1937, Century Mfg Co has lead the way in battery chargers and welders. Over the past 25 years, Century Mfg Co has developed new in-roads in plasma cutters, portable power supplies, Radiator Coolant service Equipment and most recently, Air Conditioning Recovery/Recycle Equipment.
The Viper range of A/C service equipment is one of the most recognised brands in the Air Conditioning Repair Industry. Over the past two years, we have introduced the Viper range into the International Market, and the Viper products are now present in over 40 Countries World-wide.
Why has Viper been so successful? In a word, performance! Our equipment is designed with the Technician in mind. Easy to learn and easy to use. Viper products have been designed to work with the technician to get the job done right the first time. The Simple control panel and single selector lets you easily switch from one function to another.
Viper's Microelectronics deliver superior performance and thorough monitoring of operation, automatic shut-off, built in oil Injection, a programmable keypad and accurate charging of refrigerant.
Vipers Single Pass Distillation process lets you recover and recycle at the same time - purifying the recovered refrigerant to standards well beyond those set by UL, SAE, CE and SAE J2210/1991.
Evacuation is handled by our 5 CFM ViperVAC. This heavy duty vacuum pump quickly and thoroughly eliminates all moisture from the A/C system. The ViperVAC is rear mounted for easy access and oil changes. A convenient programmable timer further automates the process.
Recharging can be performed directly from the storage tank. A digital scale with LCD control panel display means you can accurately control the recharging process as well as precisely measure the amount of recycled refrigerant removed from the vehicle A/C system.
The versatile GT is the only Dual Gas Machine in the market place, with true Dual Circuit Technology that allows you to instantly switch from R12 - R134a eliminating potential cross contamination with this instant switch-over facility. No lost time with purging between refrigerant types. Viper recover/recycle products are at the fore-front of the A/C industry today and are used by Vehicle Manufacturers World-wide.
Recover, Recycle, Evacuate and Recharge Slim, compact design with rugged long lasting construction. Engineered for simple operation and maintenance Fast, reliable all-in-one operation Training and technical support from the specialists Comprehensive range Industry leading two-year warranty.